Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cat-Commode-Capers - A step back.

Jacob, scowling at Noah after pooping.
This morning, after the first night of having the hole in the litter pan, there was evidence of liquid use, but the solid stuff was at the base of the toilet.

After work, a distressed Noah was howling and aggitated, clearly needing to poo. I scrambled to put the insert back in, to close the hole, but I was too late. Poor Noah lost his tootsie-rolls without even squatting. It was at least a 16oz batch, this cat was holding it in. :(

Well, perhaps I forced them too soon. I will give it another week and try the hole again.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toilet-Training the Kitties

Noah, the sink-piddler.
I have two cats, brothers Jacob and Noah and they are about nine years old. They are wonderful kitties, who have given me zero problems as far as cats go, save one: Noah LOVES to pee in the sink. This isn't such a bad thing, I mean it keeps the litter box cleaner and he is good at aiming right down the drain, but the smell is retched, and as you probably know -- pervasive.

After years of coming home from work and washing out all the drains, I decided it was time to train these cats.

I bought the CitiKitty cat-toilet training kit last week and immediately setup my upstairs bathroom as the training-zone. They both took the new litter-box in the toilet configuration and I was very pleased at their aim.

Today, I moved them to Step 2, and removed the first inner-circle from their box:
Sandy Toilet Vagina

I'll post their progress, for all of you out there DYING to know how this is going.