Monday, August 13, 2012

Fiverr -- the good, the bad and the really ugly.

About a month ago, I learned about a new site called Fiverr. It's a neat concept where people can sell services that all cost $5. Some of them are serious professional services and some are just for fun.

Last month, I commissioned a guy to sing happy birthday to Brian wearing a the union-jack. It was perfect! We all got a good laugh.

Here it is:
Not bad, right? Where else can you find someone to sing happy birthday in a strong British-accent wearing a union-jack thong and a hat?

Riding on the high from my last purchase, I decided to try some other services. I found this seller selling "high-end caricatures" for your avatar. Get that? HIGH-END. After seeing the examples, I was extremely excited to get this done

Here is the ad:

So, after paying for it, I am supposed to send a picture of me over. So of course I found a picture that makes me look the youngest and sent it on over. Here is what I sent:

Handsome devil, right?

It takes time to draw something as beautiful as the examples the seller gave. I have seen artists on the street creating these while people waited, but the artistry, the shading, the airbrush finish... I knew this would take some time. 

I couldn't wait to see what kind of zany character I would end up.

The suspense was killing me.

FINALLY, after four days of waiting my prize had arrived. 

I got the email and immediately logged on to collect my treasured caricature:

All done. 

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK is this? I have lodged a formal complaint, but I suppose I got what I paid for.  

Excuse me sir, you accidentally sold your "I will smear your photo in Photoshop for $5" service with the wrong description.