Friday, April 22, 2011

SAVE THE DATE/TIME - Jason's South-Broadway Golf-Spectacular!

My birthday celebration this year is sure to go down in neighborhood history as the most fun you ever had wearing golf attire.

I wanted to get this event info out early so you have plenty of time to make sure you can make it AND that you have a golf-outfit ready to go on the day of the celebration. The more creative the outfit, the better time you will have -

NO, we won't be golfing or spending the entire day in the sun, but there is a contest involved and YOU CAN WIN!

Go ahead and cancel any plans you might have made NOW. I'll wait.


Okay - now that your schedule is clear, mark your calendar and start thinking about what you are going to wear! I will fill you in with the details as we get closer to the date. The more the merrier so add anyone to the invite that you want. The idea is to get a VERY LARGE group of us, so think of it as a mini-Denver Cruisers without bikes.

PS. If you are like me and won't commit to something without knowing EXACTLY what it is, then know this: It's going to be a cross between a scavenger-hunt and a pub-crawl... but don't worry, drinking alcohol isn't required, just strongly encouraged.

Please add yourself to the Facebook Invite, if you plan to attend.

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